Monday, January 16, 2006

Photography in Egypt - Update

Thanks very much to Bob Partridge (Editor of Ancient Egypt Magazine) for permission to post the following update about photography in Egypt:
"Having recently spoken face to face about this subject to Dr Zahi Hawass and the Director of the Egyptian Museum, Dr Sadiq, the rules appear to be perfectly clear, NO photography is allowed in ANY tombs or museums and permission can ONLY be given by the SCA at their office in Zamalek . . . and this, at the moment at least means one has to turn up in person.
It would seem the position appears to be unclear in some parts of Egypt. The bottom line is the rules have been made by the SCA. Whilst many of us might not like it, we have to accept it and we can only hope that the rules may be changed or amended in the future, to allow the genuine enthusiast, or student to be able to take photos, possible with a sizeable fee, but without having to arrange this in Cairo, but locally.
If visitors are getting around the rules, then a) perhaps they should keep it quiet and b) it might actually jeapordise any amending of the rules in the future."

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