Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday Trivia

Haunted Egypt
"Dahshour - it’s a place where the soldiers of the army have their trainings, soldiers who used to be their for the 45 days training said that late at night u can hear sounds of guns and sounds of people screaming and from the balcony they can see ghosts of the army who totally died in this place it was a big team and they were erased ,they say that they can see them walking and doing their exercises." And lots more of the same!

Karnak on Ice
"A NEW bar made out of ice should have no problem keeping the beer cold. The bar is part of a 20,000-square-meter park made out of snow and ice that will open in the city on Saturday and operate for a year. More than 1,000 tons of transparent ice cubes were piled up to create the crystal kingdom near the Longhua Temple in Xuhui District. Besides enjoying a cold drink, visitors will be able to check out ice replicas of some of the world's most famous buildings, sculptures and historical sites, such as terra cotta warriors in Xi'an, St. Peter's Abbey in Rome, the Karnak Temple in Thebes, and Red Square in Moscow. Standing beside the European spires and ancient Egyptian columns are several farm houses typical of those found in northeast China. Sheep walk leisurely in the front yards, and chickens play happily."

Role of Nefertiti nominated
"American director John Hayman has nominated young Egyptian actress Muna Zaki for a leading role in the upcoming film "Nefertiti", which was written by Egyptian archeological researcher Ahmad Otham, who resides in England. The events of the film revolve around the time of Nefertiti’s reign over Egypt and after the death of her husband the Pharaoh Akhnaton.
The scenario of the film has faced many criticism because it discusses the point of view of the writer who published a thesis entitled 'Mouses and Akhnaton' stating that he is certain Akhnaton is the holy prophet Moses, reported the Egyptian daily Al Akhbar."

Night at the Museum (Monsters and Critics)
"Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney are embracing their dark sides. The aged actors have signed up to play villains in the upcoming Ben Stiller comedy ‘Night at the Museum’. The Hollywood Reporter says they’ll play colleagues of Ben Stiller, who plays a security guard trapped in a museum when a magical pharaoh’s tablet on display brings the exhibits to life. Van Dyke and Rooney play other security guards on the same detail who want to get the tablet from Stiller and use it to make themselves young."

Adventurer follows in steps of the army of Cambyses,,251-2013560,00.html
"The route that Signor Miglietti followed through the so-called Great Sand Sea — from the Farafra oasis in southern Egypt to the Siwa oasis in the north — has always been considered impossible for a man carrying his own food and water. According to legend, Cambyses II, the Persian king, foolishly tried to take the same route in 523 BC, setting off with a 50,000-strong army. Herodotus, the Greek author, writes that Cambyses and his men were swallowed up in sandstorms and never seen again. Signor Miglietti, 38, who runs an electrical components business, was so fascinated by the king’s ill-fated journey that he decided to try it. Before setting off a week ago, pulling a 200lb cart loaded with supplies, he was warned by Tuareg desert nomads that his plan was madness. Five days, 23 hours later, with blistered feet and severe stomach cramps, he arrived at Siwa."

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