Monday, January 30, 2006

Travel: A child in Egypt (Chicago Tribune)
A travel article written by a lady who went on holiday to Egypt with a 6 year old child, planning and following her own itinerary. One of the more interesting of the many travel items that has been floating around recently: "The tourist office in Aswan can help locate a felucca captain, but you'll need to bargain for the price and type of trip you want on your own. I got the price down to $10 for me and $7 for Joe--including meals--on a rather primitive boat: There was no toilet aboard, and we'd have to sleep on deck under the stars. (There are more comfortable--and expensive--options). We sailed with six other passengers whose patience was tested when, for the first hour, Joe kept threatening to hurl himself into the Nile. And just when I thought one of them was ready to give him a push, Joe settled down, realizing the best way to enjoy felucca travel was to recline on a pillow, take in the huge Egyptian sky and read or color a book."

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