Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ancient Egypt Magazine - February/March edition

Thanks very much to Ancient Egypt magazine editor Bob Partridge for emailing me the following. The latest issue of “Ancient Egypt” is now out (February/March 2006) and includes the following articles:

  • Featured Pharaoh: Neferhotep I. Following the discovery of a statue if this king in the foundations of the temple of Karnak, Wolfram Grajetzki looks at what is known about the reign of this Thirteenth Dynasty king.
  • Supporting Egyptological causes 2006: The Friends of Nekhen. AE brings you the first of a series of reports on the work being done at the site of ancient Hierakonpolis. The Director of the Hierakonpolis Expedition, RenĂ©e Friedman, introduces the town and its houses and temple.
  • Past Articles and News Re-visited. The Headless statue of Rameses III at Medinet Habu, has its head located. News on the moving of the statue of Rameses II in the centre of Cairo and more information on a lion of Amenhotep III.
  • Ancient Egypt in Madrid. Cathie Bryan discovers a fascinating Egyptian collection and visits a genuine ancient Egyptian temple.
  • Granite? Gneiss? Greywacke? ... What stone is that? Geologist Birgit Schoer examines some of the different rock types used by the ancient Egyptians for their buildings and sculptures.
  • Archive Image: Egypt Then and Now. The Colossi of Memnon.
  • The Cleaning of “Cleopatra’s Needle” in London. The obelisk of Thutmose III on the Thames Embankment has recently been cleaned. This is a full report by Iain McLean, the Director of the specialist cleaning company who explains the process and also the results of a study of the condition of the monument.
  • Per Mesut: for younger readers, looks at “Sons and Daughters”.

Plus the usual:

  • News from the world of Egyptology, “From our Egypt Correspondent” Ayman Wahby Taher
  • “Netfishing” – exploring the World Wide Web for good sites on ancient Egypt.
  • Listing of Egyptology Societies and meetings. Lectures and exhibitions.

Book reviews:

  • “Tutankhamun – Speak my Name”, a novel by Anthony Holmes
  • “Egyptology: The Missing Millennium, Ancient Egypt in Medieval Arabic Writings”, by Dr Okasha El Daly
  • “The British Museum Concise Introduction to Ancient Egypt” by TGH James
  • “The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Ancient Egypt” by Toby Wilkinson
  • “Francis Frith’s Egypt and the Holy Land” Frith’s own account of his pioneering photographic journeys.
  • “Mereruka and his Family. Part 1, the Tomb of Meryteti” by N. Kanawati and M. Abder-Raziq and others
  • “Amenemone the chief Goldsmith: A New Kingdom Tomb in the Teti cemetery at Saqqara” by Boyo Ockinga and others.
  • “Pocket Dictionary: Pharaohs and Queens” by Marcel Maree
  • “The Pocket Timeline of Ancient Egypt” by Helen Strudwick

A special readers trip to Egypt in 2006 with the magazine Editors
A subscriber’s competition in every issue, with the chance to win a book.

Some of the articles coming up in future editions - NOTE, the news of the new tomb in the Valley of the Kings arrived too late to be included in the current issue. In April the magazine will feature the latest news on this important discovery.

  • Vivant Denon and a Cache of Mummies: Marianne Luban looks at Denon’s time in Egypt at the end of the Eighteenth Century.
  • The God’s Father, Ay: Marshall Hindley examines what is known about the pharaoh who succeeded Tutankhamun.
  • Tombs at Heirakonpolis: The Director of the Hierakonpolis Expedition reveals the discoveries at the site of many very early burials, which can tell us much about the formative period of ancient Egyptian history.
  • A New Museum at Saqqara: Dr Zahi Hawass reports on the opening of the “Imhotep Museum” at Saqqara.
  • Ancient Egyptian Wine: New scientific investigations by Dr. Maria Rosa Guasch Jane have revealed the nature of Egyptian wine.
  • Byzantine Egypt: Crucible of Christianity: Sean Mclachlan looks at the Egyptian origins of Christianity and how some ancient Egyptian thoughts and traditions still affect the way millions worship today.
  • Egypt and Malta: Anton Mifsud and Marta Farrugia investigate ancient links between Egypt and Malta.
  • The Late Roman Army in Egypt: Ross Cowan tells the story of Sinful barbarians and part-time Legionaries in the Aswan area of Egypt.
  • Restoring a painting in the tomb of Anen: Lyla Pinch-Brock describes her work in restoring a damaged painting in the important Eighteenth Dynasty tomb of Anen at Thebes.

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