Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Discovering KV63

http://tinyurl.com/bggwc (Tennessean.com)
No new information, but this is a short, nice piece about the discovery of KV63 by the team Amenmesse team from Memphis: "Led by institute research associate Dr. Otto Schaden, the team was there for their annual excavation of the tomb of King Amenmesse. They got sidetracked after a team member, Irish archeologist Alistair Dickey, unearthed a precisely cut corner stone. He cleared more earth away and found the start of a vertical shaft. Other team members gathered around. They watched the shaft get deeper as more earth was cleared. . . . The door, about 20 feet below ground level, was blocked by limestone chips. The diggers cleared an opening about 6 inches high. Dickey and team photographer Heather Alexander peered inside. In the darkness, they saw forms. Alexander, flat on her stomach, aimed her flashlight inside."
Corcoran is quoted saying that the it could take five days before the burial chamber is cleared. See the article for the full story.

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