Sunday, February 19, 2006

KV 63 - ongoing discussions

Sorry to dissapoint those who are waiting for the identification of the KV63 occupants to be announced. Speaking last week to Al Ahram Weekly, Zahi Hawass did indicate it might be as long as three weeks before anything is announced, but I will keep you posted.

Previous discovery
Thanks very much to a knowledgeable friend in Egypt for the information that the claim that Nicholas Reeves and his team did indeed locate the tomb by GPR is apparently correct, although I should point out that there has still been nothing official released on the subject. Apparently, a Japanese team working with Nicholas Reeves operated the GPR equipment and found a large anomoly that they surmised was a tomb, in precisely this area.

8 holes
The Al Ahram article that I posted last week, summarizing the KV63 find, suggests that there are 8 holes that might have been used for entering and leaving the tomb. However, an alternative and informed suggestion from Robert Wickland (with many thanks, Robert) suggests that these are probably simply footholds or postholes for horizontal or diagonal cross beams, and are actually very common. He suggests that they may have been used for workmen to lower those incredibly heavy full storage jars and the coffins into the tomb without damage. As he points out, from what is visible only one jar is broken, which is an amazing feat.

As ever, I'll be posting more news as I find it, or as people update me (thanks guys, please keep it coming).

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