Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rumours and slow work at KV63

Sharon Nicols updated her blog yesterday, Saturday the 25th February, with details of some of the recent work at KV63, including how the storage vessels are going to be removed. She also mentions some of the conversations she overhears amongst the guides and the tourists at the site: "It’s been great fun to listen to what tourists and tour guides say about what we’re doing. Today, the rumor was that KV 63, the new tomb, was robbed in antiquity through a passage that had been cut from the tomb of Amenmesse (KV 10). That’s funny! I can honestly say that neither KV 10 nor KV 63 show evidence of a connecting tunnel!"
See Sharon's blog for the full post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated about KV63. Maybe the new tomb contains the mummies that were originally buried in KV62. If KV62 had been occupied prior to Tutankhamen's burial, the Necropolis officials had to move it's original owners elswhere. Why not into conveniently located KV63? Who knows! The most likely explanation is that Schafen has uncovered a cache of 18'th Dynasty queens.

William Max Miller
The Theban Royal Mummy Project

Andie said...

My pet theory when the tomb was first found was that it was a cache of re-homed minor royals. However, judging by both Shaden's lecture at the Mummification Museum at Luxor on 9th March, and Hawass's short comment a couple of days ago it is beginning to look like something more mundane. If it really is an embalming workshop, lets hope it adds to the body of knowledge about mummification processes.
All the best