Monday, March 13, 2006

Discovery of Djed-Khonsu-efankh - Part 5
Zahi Hawass completes his story of the discovery of the tomb of the Governor of Bahariya, on the Egyptian Gazette website: "The five hours we spent inside this tomb cannot be described. It was a true adventure in archaeology. They were among the best five years of my life.It was very hot inside the chamber and the workers began to chant and I began to chant with them, 'Hela hob, hela bob, hela hob,' (an Arabic phrase to help with the rhythm).We all pushed and lid began to move. At that moment, I thought about how this sarcophagus had lain here undisturbed for 2500 year.I wanted to examine the lid and see if it was intact. I bent down, sweat was dripping into my eyes and the dust drifted into my ears, but I did not care. I peered in with my flashlight and Mahmoud asked me 'What do you see?' I replied with excitement, 'It seems that the sarcophagus is intact and has never been opened before!' A moment later, I saw everyone's faces turn to stone. There was a small hole, not made recently. It seemed to have been opened in the Roman Period. Surely the ancient robbers would not have been able to steal everything. I can smell gold in the room, and I always say that my nose can smell what comes from the past.So, we continued moving the lid. Again, I heard the words 'Hela hob, hela hob, hela bob,' like thunder in my ears, which were now full of dust and yellow powder. Finally the lid moved two feet and we could see a spotted alabaster inner sarcophagus inside. Everyone screamed with joy. Inside the alabaster sarcophagus we found a third coffin made of wood and within the wooden coffin was the mummy of the governor.Around the mummy we collected twenty-two amulets, eight of gold, others of faience and amethyst. They were all in the forms of gods and goddesses. We also found two canopic jars, charcoal left by the Roman thieves, and an amphora they had used to raise the lid.After this discovery, I am determined to find the tombs of his brother, father, and mother."
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