Wednesday, March 15, 2006

KV63 team members in Memphis (
A chatty piece about KV63 from the points of view of Professor Lorelei Corcoran and Sharon Nichols, two of the KV63 team who have just returned to Memphis: "Back in Memphis for the first time since the find, Nichols and Corcoran spoke Monday at the UofM Art Museum about the discovery that won the Institute international publicity. Punching through slides that showed the area in the Valley of Kings where the discovery was made -- there's the cornerstone that betrayed the site, the shaft leading three stories down, the crevice that was the top of the door, the stones that protected the entrance and finally the vault itself -- Corcoran remembered the moment when she and Nichols and their team became the first to enter the tomb since it was sealed sometime in the 1,500 to 1,800 years before. 'You'd think you'd have this feeling of wanting to rush inside, but we didn't,' Corcoran said. 'We felt very awed. It was a very solemn moment, and we almost felt very hesitant to go inside.' "
Those who enjoyed Sharon's blog, will be pleased to know that Corcoran describes her as a "lucky charm". According to the acticle, both are returning to Egypt next week.
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