Friday, March 24, 2006

More on the Sun Temple of Matariya

A summary both of the recent find of the sun temple at Heliopolis, and of other discoveries in the area, plus details of a new open air museum currently under construction to display the remains of a number of tombs, including the 26th Dynasty (Saite) tomb of Panehsy: " While the mud brick chapel disappeared, the burial chamber remains intact. It is composed of a vaulted limestone room, whose frescos feature the sky goddess Nut, while beautiful vignettes and spells from the Book of the Dead decorate its walls."

Thanks very much to my ace Official Nitpicker, Chris Townsend, for pointing out that this was an old article, still featuring on the Al Ahram Weekly website, which I had already featured previously. Apologies for that! My mind must have been wandering somewhere else when I posted it.

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