Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Next installment on the ARTP website
The website of the Amarna Royal Tombs Project has been updated with another installment. Here's a short sample: "Within the space of a few weeks in 1998 ARTP had made an astonishing discovery: that the entire central area of the Valley beneath the modern tourist areas remained completely undisturbed. This was a revelation of the greatest possible significance, since it implied the survival of a priceless stratigraphy not just at a single point but across the Valley as a whole. This stratigraphy, properly excavated, recorded and read, has the potential to permit a fuller understanding than Egyptologists could ever have dared hope for - of the processes of siting, quarrying and stocking the tombs, of planning and administering the workmen’s village which occupied the site in antiquity, and of concealing, robbing and subsequently dismantling the burials and their furnishings at the start of the first millennium BC."

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