Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Trivia

Loki - RPG
An interview with one of the creators of the RPG game Loki, from French-based Cyanide Studios, which is based on ancient Egypt: "Seth is back in town ! He's returned from the land of the dead where he had been banished by the gods of ancient Egypt. However, he no longer has any close allies in the Egyptian pantheon that would allow him to seek his true rank. Yet, he still has a desire to become ruler of the gods and nothing will get in his way. Even the idea of transgressing an age old prohibition and cross into a different mythology. With his evil forces behind him, he sweeps through three mythologies in search of powerful allies who will back up his thirst for vengeance and power. Chaos is everywhere and the end of time approaches .....". If, like me, you're wondering what an RPG game is, it is a Role Playing Game. To see what the game looks like go to (it doesn't look very Egyptian to me, and the ship looks like something out of Pirates of the Carribean, but that's just me).

The Mummy 3
Oded Fehr (the actor who played Ardeth Bay in the first two Mummy movies) talking about the script for the third in the series: "Fraser and Weisz’s characters return, but with their grown-up son, to help fight off the bandaged baddie. It’s set in 1940, several years after the events of the first two films, with a new Mummy, China's first uber-Emperor Qin Shihuang, bringing on the pain." Apparently the only original characters to be included in the new script are Fraser and Weisz, althouth there's no mention of whether or not they have been successfully signed.

Egyptologists to visit Bosnian pyramid
An organization called the Archaeological Park: the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun Foundation has invited pyramid experts from Egypt to visit the archaeological site in Visokolater this year. The Dr Shafia Bedir and Dr Ali Abdallah Berekat will visit the pyramid and spend four weeks with the Bosnian pyramid project team to review the site. The pyramid is quite unlike the ones built in Egypt - judging by photographs, it was apparently achieved by modifying the existing landscape. To see a photo of it, an artist's impression of what it may have looked like in its heyday, and for more details, see the following URL. On the website, the main investigator says that evidence of covering stones and tunnels have been found:

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