Saturday, March 25, 2006

What's new in Abzu

The latest from Chuck Jones, posted recently to EEF:

"To find material newly added to Abzu, you can follow the "View items recently added to ABZU" link at: entries stay there for a month from the date they are entered. Alternatively you can make use of the RSS feed from the same page, or you can read the blog constructed from the RSS feed: What's New in Abzu blog
I have added more than 200 entries since the middle of February, with an emphasis on travellers.

In addition, I suppose it is possible that some of you did not hear of the closing of the ANE list
in mid-February, and the establishement of a successor list: ANE-2
( the moderatorship of Trudy S. Kawami, N. P.
Lemche, Marc Cooper, Robert Whiting, Charles E. Jones, and Jeffrey B. Gibson. All members of ETANA-Abzu-News are welcome to join ANE-2 503 addreses are subscribed to ETANA-Abzu-News"
-Chuck Jones-

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