Friday, March 31, 2006

Zahi Hawass - Dig Days
The occasional "Dig Days" column on the Al Ahram Weekly website by Zahi Hawass this week features his meetings with, and impressions of his friend and colleague Refaat Rozeik: "Several years ago I went to the Egyptian Museum and met its then director, Mamdouh El-Damati. I met a man in his office, a short man with dark skin named Refaat who spoke English with a saidi (Upper Egyptian) accent. After several minutes of conversation, I realised that he was super smart. I understood he had spent most of his life in Cambridge, England, and had married a charming English lady, Ashley, with whom he has a daughter and a son. El-Damati told me that Refaat supplied the museum with computers and other essentials needed for day-to-day activities. He had even sponsored the visits of several curators to the British Museum."

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