Thursday, April 20, 2006

Egyptology collection in São Paulo Art Museum
A review of the Egyptology collection in the São Paulo Art Museum: "The São Paulo Art Museum (Masp) has in its collection Egyptian archaeological items. The Masp has 22 Egyptian antiques, among them statues of gods, vases and fragments of items that are part of the history of the Arab country. The objects were donated by Pietro Maria Bardi, who ran the museum for 40 years - from its establishment to the early 1990s -, and by his wife, architect Lina Bo Bardi, who designed the building of the museum. Bardi was a specialist in art and acquired various small Egyptian items. According to the Masp registry, however, it is not known whether they were part of official archaeological excavations. The objects were donated to the museum in 1976. The Masp has 8,000 items in its collection, and exhibition is rotating. The Egyptian items are currently not being shown to the public, but they have been exhibited various times since the 1970's. The Egyptian objects that are in the Masp collection are connected to the religious life of the former residents of the region."

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