Sunday, April 30, 2006

Focus in Getty Trial Shifts

For those of you following the Getty Trial, which has rammifications for the entire archaeological/museum world, the above provides the latest details: "Dozens of documents were dissected in a courtroom here on Wednesday as prosecutors sought to weave the doings of art dealers, collectors and museums into what they argue is a broad criminal pattern: the trafficking of archaeological artifacts looted from Italian soil".
See the above page for the full story.

In a related article, the subject of Greek antiquities smuggling is also addressed:
"Following the discovery of hundreds of illegal antiquities at a villa on the island of Schinoussa, the policeman leading the investigation explained to Kathimerini how organized networks are able to turn their plunder into legal ancient artifacts on the international market.
Giorgos Gligoris, the head of the Illegal Antiquities Department of Attica Police, has been leading the probe into how hundreds of unregistered artifacts ended up on the island, south of Naxos. The discovery was made on April 13."

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