Wednesday, April 19, 2006

KV63 - the infant coffin

Dr Schaden has updated the KV63 website at the above address with information about the small coffin known as Coffin D: "As I believe the time is right, I would like to make mention of the small infant coffin, labeled ‘D’ that some of you previously ‘picked-up’ on from the (revised) tomb diagram. The tiny wood coffin is situated under the head of Coffin ’G’. The superior section of the coffin is barely visible but the foot of the coffin juts out near the left ear of Coffin ’G’. In the near future, we will post a few images of the infant coffin on the KV-63 website. Filming the small coffin has posed some difficulties due to the tight arrangement of the larger coffins and the difficulty in photographing over the storage jars. It will most likely be June before we are able to make contact with the baby coffin and examine its contents. At this point, we are not certain if the coffin and/or face is painted, decorated or covered in black resin, since it lays flat on the floor, tucked in the shadow of Coffin ‘G’."
His plan is to stay in Luxor until the tomb has been completely excavated and can be closed, partly to reduce the risk from the occasional but potentially devestating rainfall events that can occur. See the above page for more news from the site.

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