Monday, April 10, 2006

Museums Across Egypt

Thanks very much to Kat Newkirk for pointing out that the Egypt Today has now been updated with its April issue, with a feature about some of the less well known museums (not all Egyptological) throughout Egypt: "Believe it or not, Egypt is awash in museums, some of which must surely qualify as being among the weirdest in the world. They were never intended that way, but we’re nonetheless glad they are. Some of the oddest and most interesting." A short paragraph describes each of the following museums:
- The Railways Museum (Ramses Station)
- The Postal Museum (Ataba)
- Wax Museum (Helwan)
- National Police Museum (Cairo Citadel)
- Hunting Museum (Roda Island)
- Military Museum (Port Said)
- Marine Life Museum (Alexandria)
- Dr. Ragab’s Pharaonic Village (Giza)
- Agricultural Museum (Dokki)

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