Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Poland builds archaeological museum in Sudan

http://tinyurl.com/qpfwg (Naukawpolsce.pl)
"Polish archeologists and conservationists working in Sudan will found a museum devoted to early christianity in Nubia in the town Banganarti, where they will display their finds in the area.
The museum, scheduled to open in 2 years' time, will feature fragments of three early-Christian churches unearthed by Polish teams, the earliest dating from the time of Nubia's reversal to christianity in the 6th-7th century, as well as portraits of Nubian kings. Among the displayed relics will be parts of the onetime Archangel Raphael Church, one of the medieval world's main pilgrimage sites, whose basement contains tombs of Nubian rulers."
This is the full story on the Naukawpolsce website, above.

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