Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Simulating the tomb of Tutankhamun (
New technology is being developed which will enabled archaeologists to create realistic simulations of sites and monuments, such as the tomb of Tutankhamun: "Researchers from the University of Bradford are breaking new ground with cutting-edge technology set to revolutionise visual display units around the world. Funding of more than £225,000 has allowed academics to develop test programmes which will help archaeologists take a clearer look at the past and give military strategists a birds-eye view of battlegrounds . . . . They are set to design a series of tests on the effectiveness of revolutionary High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays. HDR visual display is several steps ahead of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology now a feature of most TVs and monitors . . . . Dr Bloj and her colleagues are attempting to develop work done in the archaeology and military fields and in other areas where realistic images are important. Their work involves examination of real-life images and their computer counterparts in a bid to minimise any loss of detail. Once the technology has been developed, archaeologists will be able to create picture-perfect simulations of some of the world's most important sites, such as Tutankhamun's tomb."

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