Saturday, April 01, 2006

Taba Museum to be restored
"The Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) is planning to spend LE2 million on developing Taba Museum. Standing on the shores of the Red Sea, overshadowed by the rugged, cinnamon-coloured mountains of the Sinai Desert, Taba is probably more famous for the defunct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in January 2001, than as an attractive holiday destination.Taba may be little more than a border crossing with a dusty, windswept bus station, an Egyptian checkpoint, a cluster of little grocery shops and a rather uninspiring museum. But there is something very nice about it. The hotels are great and snorkeling in a sea full of exotic, colourful fish is a must. Nightlife abounds and, if you want something different from discos and bars, there are plenty of safaris and camping trips on offer. The museum boasts a lot of Egypt's ancient relics, many of them dating to Roman times. Some are even older, like the artifacts that belonged to King Tut, as well as the mummy collection. The craftsmanship and artistry are breathtaking.Ahmed Kamel, a senior official in the Museums Sector, says that the idea of building a museum at Taba was first mooted in 1994, in order to house Egyptian treasures, especially those discovered in the Sinai.Khaled Hussein, Manager of Taba Museum, adds that the museum contains 635 antiquities. 'The renovations will increase the area of museum to 250 square metres, while an administrative building will be added too,' he explains."
This is the full item on the Egyptian Mail website, and will remain at the above URL for the next week.

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