Monday, April 10, 2006

Updated excavation websites

The following is a list of websites which have been updated this season with news about ongoing excavations:

Amheida, Dakhleh Oasis

Deir el-Banat, Faiyum DepressionLast updated 2006
Russian version:
English version:

Djehuty Tomb Excavation, Luxor (in Spanish)

The Tomb of Harwa (in Italian)

Memphis: Kom Tuman, Tell Aziziya and Kom Dafbaby
Russian version:
English version:

Temple Precinct of Mut, Karnak, Luxor (Dig Diary)

Saqqara Online

Tell el Borg

For all of thes with descrptions, as well as a list of websites which contain reports from earlier seasons, but which have not yet been updated this season (or whose excavations have ended) see:

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