Friday, May 26, 2006

Architects try to revive pharaonic style (
Reactions for and against a modern building designed with Pharaonic Egypt in mind: "Adorned with lotus and papyrus columns, Egypt's top courthouse evokes the pharaonic temples of the country's ancient past. The Supreme Constitutional Court, built in 2000, marked the most prominent attempt in decades to revive the pharaonic style in Egypt. On the east bank of the Nile south of Cairo, the court has inspired more attempts to imitate the ancient. The government has erected a series of neo-pharaonic buildings, the style apparently striking a chord with officials. Builders are putting the finishing touches to the gold-rimmed tops of columns decorating a government building on one of Cairo's main roads." For anyone who cannot access the article, a number of architects have expressed disaproval of the new building because it is both cliched and out of touch with modern ideas, whilst both Zahi Hawass and Salima Ikram have given it the thumbs up.
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