Monday, May 29, 2006

KV63 website updated

I don't know how I came to miss this, because I check the site every morning, but there is a posting dated 23rd May on the KV63 website which I haven't previously picked up on. Details include more information about the contents of some of the coffins: " Coffin G, the youth coffin, contains several high quality pillows layered on top, just beneath the lid. These ‘pillows’ are finely stitched and stuffed with a ‘down’ material. Textile specialist, Elise Van Rooij from Holland, arrived on Friday to examine the pillows along with textiles found from Coffin B. She will photograph, study, and analyze the pillows before they are removed, hopefully in the next week or so." See the above page for more details.
There are also promises of reports and photographs which will added to the site soon.

Thanks very much to Carolin Johansson who pointed out that new photographs have been added to the site, which are now spread over two different web pages, the second page containing photographs exclusively from April and May 2006:


Anonymous said...

I forgot whether it's
called "antedating" or
"postdating" but the May
23 entry was definitely
only up today (Monday), so
do not hurry to
the optician yet. ;)

Andie said...

Well that is a big relief! I can be a bit absent minded, but I was beginning to wonder if I'd managed to check the site every day for the best part of a week without seeing the post! I've only just had my contact lens prescription renewed too :)