Saturday, May 27, 2006


A three page article on the MSNBC website about KV63 and the knowledge that has been accumulated so far, including extracts from a recent interview with Otto Schaden: "Five of KV-63's coffins are known to contain mummification materials rather than royalty, and Dodson said the two coffins yet to be opened are likely to hold more of the same. Expedition leader Otto Schaden, left, and Egyptian chief of antiquities Zahi Hawass stand in front of the hole that opens into a newly discovered chamber in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. But even if no actual mummies are found, the items within KV-63 will shed new light on the materials and rituals involved in making the mummies, he said. And, he added,'the fact that a previously unknown tomb has turned up [in the Valley of the Kings] suggests that there's still some mileage in that area.' Schaden, meanwhile, says there's lots of mileage left even in KV-63. He's particularly interested in those two as-yet-unopened coffins — as well as seals and inscriptions that could tell who the chamber and the mummification materials were meant for. According to the Discovery Channel, one seal appears to bear a reference to 'pa-aten' — which is part of a name used by the mysterious Ankhesenamun.
See the above website for full details.

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