Monday, May 08, 2006

More re Nesperennub at the Exploreum (
Another review of Mummy- The Inside Story, the touring exhibition currently at the Gulf Coast's Exploreum which focuses on the 2800 year old priest Nesperennub, whose mummy was examined and analysed using exclusively non-invasive methods: "This exhibit, like the title suggests, lets visitors get personal. At the start of their visit, guests enter a small theater inside the exhibit hall, to watch, in 3-D, a 'virtual' unwrapping of Nesperennub's mummy and a historical reconstruction of how he lived as a priest from the temple of Khon in ancient Egypt's religious complex at Karnak. . . . The rest of the exhibit includes more than 90 Egyptian funerary objects, including the colorful coffin and sarcophagus of Nesperennub, a reconstruction of how he may have looked, and display panels of Egyptian life and the mummification process."
The exhibition closes on July 31st 2006, and will then travel to Asia where it will continue to tour.
See the above page for the entire story.

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