Friday, May 19, 2006

Tutankhamun exhibition in Chicago (Chicago Tribune)
An article looking at the work that is going into making the Chicago leg of the exhibition work smoothly. The focus is mainly on the work of the McMillan Group, whose team have tailored the exhibition to suit each new venue: "Working with the show's lead curator, the McMillans devised a master plan for an exhibition of about 15,000 square feet that could hold up to 800 people an hour. The Field is devoting 16,000 square feet on its main floor to Tut and is setting capacity at 550 an hour.Having designed exhibits for such locales as the Disney theme parks, the couple have experience dealing with throngs."

There is also a short piece on the State Information Service website looking at the returns expected from the exhibition ($20 million at the end of the 2 year tour):

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