Friday, June 09, 2006

Ancient Egypt Magazine - June/July

Thanks very much to Bob Partridge, Editor of "Ancient Egypt" magazine for the contents listing of the June/July issue of “Ancient Egypt” magazine, which is now out.

Contents of this issue include:

Tomb KV 63 in the Valley of the Kings: University of Memphis team member Roxanne Wilson gives the fullest-yet account of the work in the clearance of the tomb in this second of a series of articles. There will be a further update in the next issue.

Ancient Egyptian Wine: Maria Rosa Guasch Jane investigates the ingredients of wine from the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

Belzoni’s Sarcophagi: Explorer and adventurer Giovanni Belzoni was an avid collector of Egyptian Antiquities and size was no object. Dylan Bickerstaffe tell the story of his collection of sarcophagi, including two royal examples.

Friends of Nekhen News: The third of our reports on the important and revealing work being done at Hierakonpolis. This article looks at the oldest standing mud-brick monument in the world and the recent efforts to conserve and understand the structure.

Ancient Egypt in Zagreb: A report on a little known Egyptological collection in Croatia.
Visiting Middle Egypt: Some advice to travellers from Anne Eglintine.

Byzantine Egypt: Sean McLachlan tells how ancient Egyptian ideas are reflected in early Christianity in Egypt, which wads a melting-pot of ideas and beliefs in the Late Roman and Byzantine Periods.

Book Reviews:

The Midnight Sun-the death and Rebirth of God in Ancient Egypt, by Alan F. Alford.

Statuettes funeraires Egyptiennes du department des Monnaies, Medals et Antiquities, by Jacques F. and Liliane Aubert.

The Hyksos Period in Egypt, by Charlotte Booth.

The Art of Death in Graeco Roman Egypt, by Judith Corbelli.

Plus details of many other “books received” and rare and out of print books on CDRom from Yare Egyptology.

Regular Features includes:

News from Egypt, from Egyptian Egyptologist Ayman Wahby Taher, with more pages allocated to the latest news and images from Egypt.

Egyptology Society details and full listing of forthcoming lectures and event in the UK from June until August.

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