Friday, June 16, 2006

The Hall of Ma'at
An article on the Archaeology website, looking at one group of people's attempts to counter pseudo-archaeological arguments by using Internet technology to provide a forum for reasoned discussion: "The website takes its name from Ma'at, the ancient Egyptian principle of justice and balance, and according to its homepage aims to 'provide a well-reasoned case for the mainstream version of ancient history.' Its primary features are a collection of articles dealing with such topics as the weathering of the Sphinx and the age of Antarctic ice, as well as a lively message board where, according to site owner Reece, 'the mainstream proponents, the numerologists, the conspiracy theorists, the fence sitters, and all the others commingle and share thoughts on history.' What makes the story behind Ma'at so compelling is that its day-to-day operation relies almost entirely upon a group of archaeology nonspecialists."
The Hall of Ma'at website is a lively and welcoming discussion group - see their site for more information.

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