Thursday, June 22, 2006

KMT Summer 2006

Thanks very much Greg Reeder, who pointed out that the latest edition of KMT magazine is now available, and that the contents listing, together with the front and back cover images, are provided at the above website. The main contents are summarized below (and it is nice to see that it looks as though some light may be shed on the Hatshepsut mummy question):

WHAT'S NEW UNDER THE SUN? Special Report on Luxor 2006 by Dennis Forbes
MYSTERY TOMB FOUND IN THE VOK by Dennis Forbes - A Preliminary Account ofKV63's Surprising Discovery
NEW HATSHEPSUT, NEFERURE RELIEFS Now on View at Karnak by Dennis Forbes
QUEST FOR HATSHEPSUT'S MUMMY by Zahi Hawass - Could She be the Lady in the Attic of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo?
EGYPT ON THE DANUBE by Lucy Gordon-Rastelli - The Egyptian Collection of Vienna's Kunsthistoriches Museum
NAPOLEON ON THE NILE Exhibition at the Dahesh Museum of Art by Bob Briar
THE ARISTEIA OF RAMESES II by Omar Zuhdi - Analysis of the Kadesh 'Poem'
ALIENS IN EGYPT by Kenneth D. Ostrand - Foreign Gods in the Egyptian Pantheon

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