Tuesday, June 06, 2006

News from Karnak

http://tinyurl.com/zovvm (Egypt State Information Service)
Zahi Hawass has announced that heritage management work will carried out at Karnak by an Egyptian-French team, to protect the monuments from protential damage from tourism: "The project will include specific lanes for tourists to head off any damage to the monuments, Hawwas told reporters after a meeting of an Egyptian-French committee implementing the project. He added that bazaars, parking lots and cafeterias will be built a distance form the temple to serve tourists without affecting the temple. Hawwas said part of the 50 million-pound budget will be paid in compensation for affected families."
At the same time, Hawass has announced that a nearby quay will be excavated: "Hawwas further said that an Egyptian-French expedition will embark on excavation of a port on the River Nile near Karnak. He told reporters during a tour of the upper Egyptian city of Luxor that ancient Egyptians used the quay to transfer stones from one place to another."
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