Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Trivia - Tutankhamun

Chocolate Tut (
"In honor of the Field Museum's Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of Pharaohs exhibit, Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers created a 400-pound chocolate statue of King Tut. Currently on display in the lobby, the culinary masterpiece is being auctioned for charity. The 120-hour culinary labor of love, created by executive pastry chef Omar Martinez, is made of dark chocolate covertures with 55 percent cocoa content and the chocolate statue is trimmed with 12 ounces of 14K edible gold dust."

Reincarnated Tut
"Helen Reddy's memoir The Woman I Am may have trouble finding an American audience. The Australian vocalist burst upon the American scene in the mid-1970s when her song 'I Am Woman' became an international feminist anthem. Unfortunately, by 1980, that white-hot career essentially ended, and few Americans under the age of 40 will now recognize her name. But no American will have trouble reading her memoir; I haven't seen a prose style like Reddy's since my fourth-grade subscription to The Weekly Reader expired. . . . Things really get interesting in The Woman I Am when Reddy delves into her own personal spiritual search and her belief in reincarnation. Along the way, she informs the reader that Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, was the reincarnation of Richard III; and that Elvis Presley was the reincarnation of King Tutankhamen."

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