Monday, June 19, 2006

Statue attack fuels fears (
A disturbing account describing a recent attack on three statues in Cairo: "A religiously motivated attack on statues at a museum in Cairo has sparked outcry in Egypt and fuelled fears that the country is veering towards an Islamic state.
The attack on three artworks, by a black-clad and veiled woman screaming,'Infidels, infidels!' followed a fatwa issued by the Grand Mufti of Cairo, Ali Gomaa, which banned all decorative statues of living beings. . . . It led to furious criticism of the mufti from Egyptian liberals. In a televised debate with the mufti after the attack, one poet raged that 'the prevalent religious discourse in the country encourages terror'. Although the ancient treasures of Egypt have been protected under Islam so far, an increasing extremism in the country could make statues such as the quartzite head of Nefertiti, the colossus of Amenhotep, and the golden death mask of Tutankhamen possible targets in future."
See the complete article on the above page for the full account.

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Anonymous said...

And Hawass wants art works returne! NO way in my book. They're safer where they are.
The cult of Islam wants to rule the world. It's their way or death.