Friday, June 30, 2006

A Tomb under hanging Rock (
"An increasing number of traces indicate that on a rock shelf above the temple of Hatshepsut is a tomb belonging to a Pharaoh from the 21st dynasty – says Prof. Andrzej Niwiński of the Institute of Archaeology at Warsaw University. If this hypothesis proves right, Polish archaeologists are a step away from a great find. However, there is one obstacle in the way of solving the mystery – a 1000 ton rock hanging over the precipice.
Prof. Niwiński is heading the work on the Rock Archaeological Expedition run by Warsaw University in collaboration with the Ain Shams University in Cairo. The area of research is a 100 m tall rock wall on the back of the temple of Hatshepsut, which is being reconstructed by Polish archaeologists."
See the above article for the full story.

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