Friday, July 21, 2006

ADDED Latest figures for Tutankhamun (
Sometimes the Chicago Tribune demands a username and password - sometimes it doesn't. Today it seems to have decided that it is a subscription site - for this article at least. It is quite a long summary of the current state of the visitor ticket sales for the latest leg of the Tutankhamun exhibition: "Advance sales account for 85 percent of ticket purchases, either online or through a dedicated phone number, 866-FIELD-03. Some visitors, discovering tickets are gone for the day they want to go, are paying more than $100 a ticket to online scalpers.The museum, which hoped to sell 350,000 advance and same-day tickets by the end of June, had sold 360,000 by midnight June 30 and since has surpassed 400,000. That's a good indication that the museum will fulfill its hope for more than a million visitors to the traveling exhibition by the time it closes Jan. 1."

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