Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blog - a bit of an update

I promised that I would try to update the blog today, but the backlog was rather more awesome than I had anticipated - 427 Google Alerts alone, never mind the emails and websites. I've just finished processing the Alerts, and I've posted below those news items. However, I have not had the chance to catch up with anything else today, so I'll sort out the rest of the news items from the last week tomorrow. Sorry about that!

To those of you who emailed, and to whom I promised a reply today - apologies. I'll catch up with my emails tomorrow (there are hundreds, which is the reason for the delay).

The moral of the story - never go away on holiday to a place with no Internet connection! It's just too painful when you arrive home :-)

Oh, and by the way - I checked the KV63 website to see if the promised photos had appeared, but nothing has changed since I last looked, which I guess means that the SCA haven't yet given the KV63 team clearance to publish them.

All the best
Andie (suntanned and happy, but very tired!)

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