Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blog Update

I've updated the blog with news from last Wednesday until today. Apologies for the five day absence - as I posted previously, I had a suspicion that I would be unable to find an Internet connection where I was going.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me while I was away and I will catch up with the replies over the next day or so.

Special thanks to the following for emailing me news items in my absence, so that I didn't have to look as far as I would have done: Jen Mason, Greg Reeder, Maria Fdez-Valmayor, Tony Marson, Carolin Johanson, Gary Maher and Doug Weller.

Thanks very much to Mark Morgan's comment on the blog for the information that the first of Discovery's KV63 programmes, Egypt's New Tomb Revealed aired in the UK Saturday 1st July on the Discovery Channel at 10PM. I managed to miss it, being out of reach of the relevant technology, but hopefully it will show again in the not too distant future. Di (gatekeeperdi) - I hope that you didn't miss it?

All the best

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