Monday, July 10, 2006

Digital Egypt website

Thanks to Andrei Bodrov for letting me know about his new site, Digital Egypt, which includes fullscreen QTVR panoramas of Giza, together with still photos from different Luxor and Giza and a rather nice plan of the Giza pyramids. It is a lovely looking page, but the main attraction is the Panorama section, showing Flash movies of the Giza plateau - when a little red viewfinder appears you can mouse over it to see a brief textual description of what it is you are looking at.
In order to see the panoramas, you will need to download Macromedia Flashplayer, if you don't already have it installed (and if you have, you will need version 6 as a minimum), and for full screen views you will need QuickTime FULLSCREEN panoramas. You'll find what you need on the QuickTime website at - and you will then be able to see the full panoramas.

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