Monday, July 31, 2006

Reconstructed face of 2300 mummy (
"She has emotion, character, serenity. And though she's but a plaster reconstruction, she's far more personable than her namesake whose mummified remains lie upstairs in the Reading Public Museum. Nefrina the mummy was a woman who lived about 2,300 years ago in the Nile River city of Ahkmim. The museum has had her Xrayed and CT-scanned. From that it has learned much about her life -- and her death from complications resulting from a badly treated hip fracture. . . . But museum Director Ronald C. Roth won't let a visitor take a photo of the plaster bust on his office shelf, or even describe her surprising facial features. She's reserved for an unveiling early next year as the museum gears up for a major exhibit centering on the mummy in 2008.The museum has even changed the English spelling of her name to Nefrina -- to be more pronounceable and visitor-friendly -- from the linguistically purer Nefer-ii-ne. Created by renowned Philadelphia forensic reconstruction artist Frank Bender, the bust is based on a polymer replica of Nefrina's skull."
See the above page for the full story. This was originally taken from the Reading Eagle website, but that link no longer appears to be working.

The Reading Museum website is at, but there are no details yet about the forthcoming exhibition.

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