Saturday, July 29, 2006

Review: Great Ancient Battles of the World CD Course (
"Great Ancient Battles of the World, taught by Professor Garrett Fagan of Pennsylvania State University. Part of the Great Courses series on CD - Those who make the military a career cannot escape studying, reading and listening about combat, warfare, tactics and strategy. Whether you make your career in the enlisted ranks or as an officer, what distinguishes the United States military is the range of independent course offerings available on-line, in training schools, leadership academies and for officers' war colleges. For some, attending a school and taking a few hours or a semester on strategy is not enough, and this means constant reading. . . . Professor Garrett Fagan is a Professor of Classics in Penn State whose main interest is ancient Rome. He delivers 24 lectures on the evolution of ancient warfare by highlighting ancient battles that have altered the course of the ancient world.The three major blocks range from prehistoric times to the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian kingdoms".
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