Thursday, July 27, 2006

Season ends at KV63
The KV63 website has been updated with the following posts:

First, a post on Otto Schaden's Dig Diary: "Botanists Ahmed Fahmy and Rim Hamdy were out earlier this month to inspect the garlands and floral collars from Coffin ‘E’, with plans to return again next season. A few of our larger ‘treasures’ were transferred to the Luxor SCA magazine for storage, as they have been registered." There are also details of the preparations to close the tomb for the season, and a promise of the long-awaited new photographs when Dr Schanden returns to Chicago at the end of July. See the above page for the entire post.

Finally, a farewell message from Bill and Roxanne Wilson:
"Otto has left the Valley!! After spending the last seven months making ground-breaking discoveries in the Valley of the Kings. Otto is on his way home to Chicago. The tomb is secured, the treasures have been stored away at the magazine and the search for Ankhesenamun and Kiya has ended. Roxanne and I would like to thank everyone who have followed the exploits of Otto and his team of tomb raiders. We look forward to a brand new season in the valley, beginning in a little more than six months.
Bill and Roxanne Wilson"

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