Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wayne County Historical Museum exhibit expanded

"In a journey of discovery much like opening an Egyptian tomb, work has begun to refurbish the exhibit that surrounds the mummy at the Wayne County Historical Museum.
The mummy, bought for the museum by its founder Julia Meek Gaar, is one of the most beloved exhibits -- intriguing thousands of school children for decades.
The project to refurbish the exhibit and catalog the museum's Egyptian collection developed when Richmond native Bonnie M. Sampsell of Chapel Hill, N.C. -- who happens to have a passion for Egyptology -- came home to visit her mother, Gene McClelland.
After seeing the current exhibit and talking with museum executive director Jim Harlan, they developed a plan for her to renew and expand the exhibit, catalog the collection and do more research on the items in the collection."

Bonnie Sampsell wrote the excellent Travellers Guide to the Geology of Egypt, a review of which can be found on the Ancient Egypt Magazine website at:

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