Saturday, August 05, 2006

AERA website updated

Thanks to a posting on EEF for the information that the AERA website has been updated with some new articles:

Conserving and reconstructing a pyramid builder's house:
"In the autumn of 2005, AERA initiated a project to not only conserve but to reconstruct one architectural unit of the ancient Egyptian settlement we are excavating."
"Many people think of flint as Stone Age technology. The fact that people used flint and other stone for tools is what defines prehistory as the Stone Age. This has led to an under-appreciation of the role of flint in sophisticated, literate societies, such as that of Old Kingdom Egypt (2575-2134 BC)."

For those unfamiliar with AERA, their mission statement reads: "Ancient Egypt Research Associates explores Egypt’s archaeological record seeking the origins of civilization. Our mission is to contribute insight and understanding to the present awareness of cultural evolution." For more about AERA and their work, visit their website at:

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