Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Australian exhibition to host Louvre artefacts

"The National Gallery of Australia will host an exhibition of Egyptian artefacts from the Louvre in Paris, from November 17. Says the gallery: 'Follow the soul on its journey from earthly life to eternity in this exhibition. The collection of more than 200 reveals the mysteries of Egyptian art and culture in all its beauty.' The exhibition is organised by Art Exhibitions Australia in association with the National Gallery of Australia, and will be on show until February 25."

For full details of the Egyptian Antiquities from the Louvre exhibition see the National Gallery of Australia's dedicated web page at:
(Click on Future Exhibitions and page down to Egyptian Antiquities from the Louvre. Unlike other exhibitions on the page the title is not hyperlinked, for some reason, but if you click on the small More Information link underneath the introductory text it will take you to the right page. The unifying theme of the exhibition is the Book of the Dead: "We will see major sculptural works in stone and bronze, illustrated manuscripts, painted chests and mummy cases, low reliefs, jewellery, ceramics, and fine wood carving. The smallest objects in the exhibition are amulets and jewels for adorning and protecting mummies, made from ceramic, carnelian, and other semi-precious stones. An army of over two hundred faience shabti figures stands to attention, ready to act as deputies for the deceased in the afterlife, performing on his or her behalf any duties required. Hieroglyphic inscriptions on illustrated stele invoke the gods to grant favours and safe passage to donors on their travels through the afterlife to the Hall of Judgement. Painted scenes on canopic chests and mummy cases show vignettes from the journey of the dead, as they travel beyond the mortal realm towards eternal life with the gods."
See the above page for full details.

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