Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Book Reviews: Impacts of climate on ancient civilizations

Book review of The Winds of Change by Eugene Linden. Long term visitors will know that I am interested in past climate change, and its impacts (or otherwise) on human occupation patterns. The above book looks at how climate has impacted civilizations in the past. It does not appear to refer specifically to Egypt or the Sahara, but as previous posts on this topic have generated quite a few emails asking for additional references etc, I've posted it anyway (my copy is on order).

There's another review of it on the UK Amazon site:
"In this well-written account, the author reviews the evidence for early climate shifts and their impact on early human societies. He follows the scientists and their research results in building a framework for how climate works, and what its past impact has been. Linden reminds his readers that however they consider climate, they must remember that it is the background "playing field" in which our society operates."

To everyone who has asked for an updated version of my Saharan climate bibliography - hang on in there, I'll have it finished in the next couple of weeks.

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