Monday, August 28, 2006

Review: More re Hatshepsut exhibition at Kimbell

More of a review of the life of Hatshepsut than a review of the exhibition: "She's not as famous as Cleopatra, but Hatshepsut's rise to power in ancient Egypt has the makings of a movie. Add the fact that her name was effectively erased from history after a prosperous reign of 20 years, and this compelling saga takes on the aura of mystery. The timing couldn't be better. The actual mummy of the world's first great female ruler was found during preparations for Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh."
The exhibition opened at The Kimbell Art Museum yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

wow! she got around! just kidding! i think she is a very interseting lady! who shows us ladys that we can actually DO something!