Friday, August 04, 2006

Update - "KV64"

Thanks to Aayko Eyma for pointing out that the Archaeology magazine website has now been updated with an interview with Nick Reeves, who has recently announced the presence on radar images of a possible new tomb in the Valley of the Kings: "My aim in posting our data was not to claim a prize for discovering the next Tutankhamun. It was to alert people to the immense potential the Valley of the Kings still holds, despite two centuries of serious archaeological abuse. As we've demonstrated, there are indeed new tombs to be found; as important, though, is our discovery of extensive areas of intact stratigraphy which have by a miracle survived beneath the tourist paths. This stratigraphy is immensely significant for the history of the Valley and, properly treated, capable of providing a context for much of what has been dug up so badly in the past."
For the entire interview, with background information, see the above page.

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