Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Egyptology image project

A new unofficial project has been launched with the aim to centralize a resource for high quality Egyptology images. The project, which is very much in its opening stages, has been launched on a Yahoo group, and is introduced as follows on the above page:
"When the web began, web space was very expensive and people reduced their resolution to store poor resolution photos ... grainy ... poor detail and color. Now we can get gigabytes of free web space for our photographs. Now we have high resolution digital cameras.
I began by creating a hub to unite all owners of Yahoo Egyptian groups
The idea is to bring all their members together in a search of high resolution pictures of ancient Egyptians. The pictures to be stored in a public domain photo album. Say some one contributes or finds an image of the burst of Tut that is 45kb. Later another guy finds an image of the same burst that is 200kb. The higher resolution of the image replaces the old one. As the images are added to the public domain album, the group owners or any of their members can link to the high resolution photos of high quality.
This is not another discussion group. Any one who joins should use the no mail option and the only thing they would post to the group is pictures or links to good quality pictures."

See the above pages for full details. The project has only just been launched and it is as yet unclear how it will be organized.

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