Tuesday, September 26, 2006

First issue of Damqatum

http://tinyurl.com/euxs7 (Damqatum home page)
Thanks to Aayko Eyma's post to EEF for the information that the first issue (Spring 2006), of 'Damqatum' the newsletter of the Centro de Estudiosde Historia del Antiguo Oriente (CEHAO), Departamento de Historia, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad Católica Argentina, has appeared, edited by Juan Manuel Tebes (jmtebes@yahoo.com).
The first issue of the newsletter is available free of charge from the secon address, above, in PDF format. The department's area of interest is the "ancient orient" so it deals with many regions. This first issue has items about Ramat Rachel (Israel), the Hans Goedicke Foundation, a News section which includes reviews of the Hatshepsut and Tutankhamun exhibitions, and a CEHAO News section announcing new courses, conferences etc.
The newsletter is in English. Contact details and other relevant website addresses can be found on the above pages.

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