Friday, September 15, 2006

Mummy x-rays at Bridgeport's Barnum Museum
"A two-thousand year old artifact hits the examination table at Bridgeport's Barnum Museum. An endoscopic camera and x-ray machine will help scientists get a rare look into the past of an Egyptian mummy. Word has it the mummy was once an Egyptian priest whose name was Pa-Ib (pie - eeeb), and now scientists from Quinnipiac University want to know more about this relic."
"If the mummy is stable enough to be moved, the archaeological team hopes to take a CT scan at a local doctor's office. That would give them a more detailed photograph than they were able to secure on site Thursday. The first film revealed Pa-Ib's got bad teeth . . . . the research would eventually reveal whether Pa-Ib had a life of labor or leisure, old fractures and the gender, Becker said. Kathy Maher, the museum's executive director, is eager for a translation of the hieroglyphics on Pa-Ib's sarcophagus."

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